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Who is ForexTactics.com?

ForexTactics was founded in 2012 by professionals who realized what the needs of forex traders are.

We are not a broker, trader, or investor; ForexTactics is a media, information and news organization. We do not try to convince you to trade or to invest.

We believe that Forex is 99% Tactics and provide you with up-to-the-minute news and information, along with advanced market information, charts, and strategic analysis, to aide you in understanding the markets and making successful trades.

ForexTactics Team consist of analysts, economists and financial experts, together this team designed strategies and systems to analyze market data on a daily basis. We call is “strategic analysis”. We combine fundamental analysis with technical analysis, and then present it in a very tactical manner. We have developed a personality for our strategic analysis which is aggressive and hard hitting. Our strategic analysis is aimed at attacking the markets and trends in a never ending battle for profits.

Think of us as your one-stop information and learning center. We are your support network, and invite you to where you will find outstanding news, economic calendars and charts. We offer insight, research and trading tips. Remember, we are not biased as we are not a broker or trading platform.

Come and enjoy our articles, use our charts, appreciate our strategic analysis and take advantage of all our site has to offer.

Our site is all about strategy, tactics, analysis and attacking the markets. We have developed an A.I. personality for our site; a combination of a military strategist and a chess champion.

In order to get the most from what ForexTactics.com can offer, including the premium content, we invite you to register here

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